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Rocket Parts.
Improvised duo music for electri-fried guitar and contraption drums. Everything you hear happened in the moment. (*) The hums, scrapes, buzzes, crashes, whines, and wails have been sculpted for your ears so that if you listen close, you may just hear the Rocket’s steel heart, beating.

Chris Cawthrays uses Paiste Cymbals exclusively and thankfully.
Percy Adler abuses whatever he can afford, curse these metal hands.

The new Percy Adler CD, “Rocket Parts” is coming out very soon, and we’ll perform music from and inspired by it May 5 at Somewhere There in Toronto. I was asked to write something for the CD insert, but I’m not sure if it will get used or not. I thought I’d share it here just in case as I like how it captures the spirit of the project. Also, to my amazement, Percy has decided to include my name on the cover and credit me as co-producer and co-composer. I started the project as a session drummer, it is humbling and gratifying that Percy finds such value in my contributions to his unique and brilliant music.

(*) I originally had a flowery sentence about editing, but Percy has implored me to remove it because he felt it misrepresents the degree of editing that actually went on. In truth, there was so very little, and after hearing the mastered mixes last night, I am dumbfounded that we were able to improvise the music captured to “tape” as it has such formal cohesion and truly stunning dramatic shifts that would appear to only be the result of post-production revision. But, IT AIN’T! :) Here’s the sentence anyway: 

…the order of these moments has been shuffled, like cards in a conjurer’s deck.

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